Choosing the right carpet to beautify your home is just one aspect of adding value to your residence. But to truly add lasting value to your residence, the precision and care with which the carpet is laid will make all the difference in the long run.
Andrew Georgiadis, owner, on why precision and experience counts
Andrew and Sarah

The right choice in carpet goes a long way to giving your home the perfect look and feel and that comes down to three things: quality selections, expert guidance and precision carpet laying. That means no shortcuts on quality, just a commitment to providing the best service, advice and product.

With decades of experience in laying carpet, Andrew and his team have mastered the art of presenting quality floor coverings in their best light, transforming rooms into living areas. Since establishing Bondi Carpets as the eastern suburbs’ destination for advice, quality and service back in 2011, Andrew and Sarah have built a strong network of delighted customers and suppliers resulting in repeat business and glowing testimonials.

Our customers are our best advertisements – they know we care and they know we have the very best in service, knowledge and reliability.
Sarah Bellizia, owner, on why locals think of Bondi Carpets first

We are based in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and have been for years. We understand the area, we are familiar with the local architecture and residential trends and we are part of the local landscape. Who better then, to talk to about ensuring your residence is the best version of itself and suits your purposes down the ground?

Contact us or visit our showroom during business and we can get down to the business of transforming your home.